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Fit Guide

Measuring 101: How to Measure Sleeve Length

To accurately measure your sleeve length you will need a partner. We measure sleeve length from the center point of the person’s neck down to their shoulder and extending down to the center part of a persons hand. Again if you would like grab a well fitting dress shirt from your closet as another reference.

Measuring 101: How to Measure Your Neck

Place the tape measure around the neck, where the collar would usually and comfortably fit. Depending on your preference we would recommend one or two fingers width between the tape measure and the neck. You can always use another shirt in your closet as a reference.

Measuring 101: How to Measure the Leg Opening on Pants

Grab your favorite pair of pants and lay the bottom cuff flat. Run a tape measure along the cuff. Take that measurement and double (x2).

Measuring 101: How to Measure Your Thighs

The thigh measurement is taken around the fullest part of your thigh. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

Slim Fit

We recommend slim to 80% of our customers. If you’re looking for a fit that’s handsome and non-restricting then our slim is for you. The slim is a great option if you want something appropriate for in or outside the office.

Extra Slim Fit

Extra slim is more progressive than slim. It’s snug against the body and shows more of your silhouette. Extra slim is recommended if you want a shirt that shows off your figure.

Regular Fit

Our regular fit is a great option for someone who appreciates comfort. It’s non restrictive and comfortable, no matter what your size is.
The regular fit is for a stoutly guy that likes his clothes looser.

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